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Holistic Dietetics and Nutrition holistic medicine loss weight Dublin

People greatly underestimate the byword "we are what we eat". Everything we eat has a consequence to our physical, mental and spiritual being.

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Our holistic approach to dietetics and nutrition means that we take into account your lifestyle, your individual energy needs, existing nutritional habits and your cooking skills, before we suggest how to amend your diet. Very often a basic EAV test accompanies the consultation, when it comes to finding food allergies.

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 Holi-Med's diet recommendations are individual - according to scanned food tolerances, food and body energetics and according to changes that go on in the body during the treatement. It is closely supervised process. They are essential part of the treatment if a person wants to achieve the expected results (f.e. you can't eat gluten products during the treatment, if the gluten allergy has been recognised and you want to get rid of that allergy).

Changes in our nutritional habits often demand strict discipline but effects are very rewarding and appreciated by those who made an effort.

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 We are all victims to skewed and confusing information regarding food and nutrition in the current market-driven paradigm. As we all need to be our own food advocate and more importantly advocates for our children's nutritional wellbeing, there is very strong emphasis put on education in our clinic. That way you know not only 'what' and 'how' to eat, but also 'why' is that important. After the treatement is finished, it is the correct eating habit and healthy lifestyle that can keep the effects of therapy even for a life time.

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