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Allergy therapy - Teresa, 24 years old, Dublin

Theresa came to Dublin Clinic in August 2011. She was suffering from a red rash on her hands, around the neck and very strong migraines. 

EAV Diagnostic scan showed:

  •  infectious foci in lungs, kidneys, heart and liver.
  •  Auto-allergy
  •  Gluten enteropathy
  •  Gliadin and gluten load
  •  Chlamydia
  •  Yeasts
  •  Casein
  •  Acidosis
  •  Stress and emotional load
  •  Medical drugs load
  •  Glia
  •  Chlamydia toxin
  •  Fungi toxin
  •  Dysbiosis
  •  Metabolism disorders (sacharides and plant proteins)
  •  Absorbtion disorders (vitamins, minerals, trace elements and protein)
  •  Hormonal disorders (pituitary gland, thyroid, ovaries)Protozoa infection



  • Holographic Info-media
  • Immune System stimulation in our center in Dublin (2 sessions and control EAV scan)
  • Individual diet modification


Therapy results:

After 6 weeks all symptoms disappeared.

Red rash on hands and neck was gone along with migraines.


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