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Multiple Sclerosis Therapy in Krakow

Magdalena, 30 years old came for EAV scan in july 2011. Medical diagnosis MS. Mother helped her to get to the centre. She was very weak, she did't speak and her eyes were fixed blindly in one point with no reaction. She was treated with antibiotics more than one year.

Medical diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis


EAV diagnostic showed following loads and imbalances:

  • Imbalances in all five main organs in the body: Kidneys, lungs, heart, spleen, liver
  • Alergies, Autoimmunita
  • Acidosis
  • borellia
  • chlamydia
  • toxoplasma gondii
  • Toxins: bacterial, microorganisms, streptococcus
  • Viruses: herpesvirus, parvovirus
  • Lots of parasites nemathelmintes and flatworms ( flukes)
  • Gluten enteropathy, gluten and gliadin load
  • Emotional load and stress
  • Huge yeast infections ( after long antibiotic treatement)
  • Chemical load( DDT, Dioxins, polichrome bifenyls, pesticides, toxic elements)
  • Abnormalities in central and peripheral nervous system, autonomic nervous system and brain meninges.



  • Holographic info-media pendant
  • Immune system stimulation in our centre in Kraków ( Five sessions and EAV control scan)
  • Individual diet modification


Therapy result:

After 8 weeks all abnormalities started to recede.

  • No MS relapse rate happened.
  • Client regained acuity of vision and speech
  • Client slowly regains sensation in limbs - legs and hands.